Video: Nelli didn’t know that AKA makes music before she dated him

Video: Nelli didn’t know that AKA makes music before she dated him

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One thing about Kiernan AKA Forbes is that sometimes he goes on Twitter looking for attention. It seems that making the announcement that he is set to be married to Nelli Tembe did not have the impact that he had expected it to have, so he decided that he should return to the Twitter streets and see if he can find another way to capture tweeps’ attention.

First, he attempted to rehash the overrated and played out “beef” between himself and Cassper Nyovest. In the continued story of the boxing-match-that-will-never-happen because someone did not sign the papers; AKA thought nothing of suggesting that Cassper should have the guts to pull-up and face him like a man for swearing at his mother.

But it seems that Cassper, like the rest of the Twitter world, decided to let Mr BHOVAMANIA know that that train has long past. It seems that unlike AKA, Cassper has received the memo that unless the boxing match is actually going to happen then its best to stop baiting fans- well, until his next release of course.

After hitting a dead end with that story, AKA decided that maybe shading my exes for his new fiancée was the way to go. How you may ask? Well, the rapper has told us an interesting fact about his new fiancée. It appears that Tembe really loves AKA for who he is as a person and not as the hitmaker that gave us hits like Victory Lap, Sim Dope and the once-upon-a-time hip-hop anthem, Run Jozi, featuring K.O and Yanga.

Apparently, Tembe unlike AKA’s former more famous lovers and mother of his daughter- by the way- is oblivious to AKA’s music before the Bonang inspired classic album, Touch My Blood. If tweeps were to believe AKA, Tembe was surprised to know that AKA was the musician behind Run Jozi.
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Tweeps were quick to call out AKA on his bald-faced lie. Like tweeps have pointed out, it is one thing to not know AKA’s catalogue but then there are some songs that were anthems when they were released and still have the same impact when performed; one such song is Run Jozi and soon-to-be Mrs Forbes did not know that song?

Seeing that matters were getting heated as tweeps were choosing violence like never before on the Mega, he attempted to “rephrase.” AKA explained that Tembe knew the song, but did not know his verse line-for-line therefore he is still right… Right?