Video: Somizi issued a warning to those over 45 years old

Video: Somizi issued a warning to those over 45 years old
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Media personality Somizi Mhlongo is all about money. He said if people shouldn’t just call him to chit-chat.

In a recent Instagram video clip, he said: “This message is for the over 45s. Guys, I don’t know about you but at my age at 48, I can’t stand phone calls just for fun. If you call me and I don’t answer, it’s either I’m ignoring it or I’m busy. But most of the time, chances are I’m ignoring it because I don’t like chit-chats conversations. If it’s that important and urgent, send me a text message and say ‘Somizi, this is very urgent. And it better be urgent.”

He said if people want a quick response they should rather say: ‘Somizi, this is about money’.

“In that case, I call you back but it better be about real money. At my age there is no time to chit chat,” he said.

Somizi’s clip revealed a handful of celebrities who also hate phone calls.

They include DJ Cndo, DJ Happy Gal, Dumi Mkokstad’s wife Dr Ziphozenkosi Mthembu Ndzimande, and actress Baby Cele.

Cele wrote: “Oh my God, you’re not the only one and I never feel guilty.”

Musician Naima Kay said: “It’s not about age at all, sthandwa. I’m super guilty but I always thought I was lazy. I see sibaningi.”


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