Video: Tamia Mpisane finally responds to what Sithelo Shozi is doing

Video: Tamia Mpisane finally responds to what Sithelo Shozi is doing

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Sithelo Shozi accused Andile Mpisane of abuse”/>This past weekend, a Durban July afterparty named Party in Japan took place in Japan. Andile was one of the headlining acts of the event. He provided so much information about his wife Tamia and his best friend Shaun Stylist dancing at the event throughout the celebration. Tamia captured the footage during the Party in Japan.

When she posted the video, her fans’ responses in the comment section were divided. As much of Mzansi heard him threaten to kill Sithelo, some of her followers referred to Andile as a monster. Some even advocated for the cancellation of MaMkhize’s son, who has shown to be a woman abuser.

Tamia Mpisane shut down haters after Sithelo accused Andile Mpisane of abuseTamia was advised by a lot of her followers not to feel at ease in her marriage. Once a man is an abuser, he will always be an abuser, and he may also abuse Tamia. Others stated that Tamia’s use of fancy labels does not alter the reality that Andile is torturing his baby mama and that he may be obsessed with her. Some of her supporters even pressured her to immediately end the marriage.

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Tamia disabled her Instagram comments in response to all the harsh feedback so that the thoughts would not enter her mind. Her video now has likes but no comments. She desires no association with anyone who speaks negatively about her husband or her marriage.

Sithelo’s allegations
Sithelo rocked the internet in South Africa last night when she claimed that Andile had abused her. Sithelo described how her then-boyfriend would repeatedly abuse her and then send her floral bouquets. Sithelo stated that she would remain silent and present a front to society.

She further described how Andile’s acquaintances and family witnessed him abusing her without intervening. Sithelo also claims that the beating that occurred in front of everyone caused her to miscarry.

Sithelo not only made these charges, but she also provided evidence. On a phone discussion between her and Andile, Andile can be heard pledging to locate and murder her. He even sent her threatening text messages stating that he wanted to see who would survive. In addition, he called her a nothing who will never have or accomplish anything in life.

Everyone is acting as though they are unaware that Andile threatened to kill the mother of his two children. Tamia is the only member of Andile’s group to have posted new content since the allegations. His mother, Shauwn Mkhize, is as silent as midnight.


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