Viewers are angry at Musa Mseleku for disrespecting Makhumalo.

Viewers are angry at Musa Mseleku for disrespecting Makhumalo.

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The reality star and polygamist Musa Mseleku’s dream to have a 5th wife has seemingly been crashed because he failed to follow Macele’s ultimatum. Daily Sun reports that his first wife, Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku, said he could not marry anyone else.

This is after MaCele gave him an ultimatum that he should marry a fifth wife before their 20th wedding anniversary, but he did not follow through. “I gave Musa a timeframe to marry as many wives as possible but he had to do this before our 20th anniversary,” she said.

She added “Now that we’ve reached 20 years of marriage, he cannot get married to another wife. If one of us dumps him, he cannot take another wife.”

The couple celebrated 20 years of marital bliss recently. Taking to his Facebook account, Musa penned a heartfelt post to MaCele “Full 20 years anniversary. I never thought but God has been good. Ngiyabonga ku Flo my lovely grandmother and my beautiful Mother Joyce Nomathemba for guiding her so beautifully.”

Mseleku had been wanting to take another wife but some of his wife were against his decision. It seems as though he had already found his match however, Thobile and his other wives were not happy with his decision, especially because his side chick was also a Khumalo.

According to the publication, MaCele felt as if Mseleku was stabbing them in the back. “I haven’t physically met her but I’ve been introduced to her through conversations with Musa. To me this feels wrong no matter how I look at it. He should have chosen a woman from another surname. It feels like he is stabbing us in the back, especially Thobile Makhumalo,” she said.

Despite this, Musa said the issue is now in MaCele’s hands and that he will not give up. On his reality show, Musa revealed that he wanted to take on another wife to have more children.
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The polygamist said he wanted 20 children hence. Viewers were angered by him always speaking about MaKhumalo’s struggles with infertility. Rather than repeatedly telling MaKhumalo that she cannot conceive, they wanted him to accept that she cannot conceive.

@Tsigwili “You know there’s couples that couldn’t have kids although they tried, the minute they separate or divorce, both of them in their new relationships have kids, sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

@yolish_ “Makhumalo is the victim in all of this and yet she still carries herself with so much dignity. I cannot imagine the emotions she goes through #Uthandonesthembu

@Limpzie. “Why isn’t Musa accepting Makhumalo as she is? I mean, she’s constantly being reminded that she can’t have kids in the most insulting ways. #Uthandonesthembu,”

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