Viewers change the channel every time Kay Sibiya comes on


Viewers change the channel every time Kay Sibiya comes on

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Imbewu: The Seed is notorious for changing actors without warning and sometimes the late primetime drama series does get it right. But when Kay Sibiya was announced as Nkululeko Bhengu’s replacement, nobody was actually jumping for joy.

Nkululeko Bhengu was played by Nkanyiso Mchunu and he left the telenovela over salary issues.

Taking to Facebook to make this announcement, Nkanyiso said, “I’d like to thank the production for the opportunity and platform to showcase what I can do. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this journey.”

Then it was confirmed that Kay would join the cast but not as a new character, but as a Bhengu. Some felt as though he is too soft for this role and would not live up to what Nkanyiso was, a villainous creature.

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Speaking to Isolezwe, Kay Sibiya is very excited to return to Durban though. “It makes me very happy to return to Durban so I can witness how much the art has grown there. When I left Durban there was only one show but now there are many others which makes job creations as well.

“The people we started off with as actors are not behind the scenes which is a very good thing. People should look out for a lot of things from me, but I do not want to divulge too much information, just watch and see,” he told the paper.

It seems as though the problem is not with actors only but behind the scenes, it’s also very nasty as well. “Everyone’s leaving the show – and they’re not only actors. Make-up people are also leaving, while support staff, including admin and media relations people, have left too,” City Press quoted a source.

It was not only him, but Buhle Samuels left as well and it was said to be because of her diva tendencies but she slammed those rumours. She said she was not fired, “1. I was not fired. 2. Would be nice if you verified such stories that paint one as “fired”. 3. The truth, I declined the offer. I didn’t want to play a gold digger again. I’d like to challenge myself production knew that but still wrote a gold digger role.”

She said she hates it when people stereotype her, “I keep quiet about so much, I hate how people project their stereotypes on me. I read things and I’m just like oh wow really! Really?! It irks me.”

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