Viewers did not like Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend on the FindingBongani

Viewers did not like Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend on the FindingBongani

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Bongani Fassie is a son of late Brenda Fassie. For many years Bongani was known of taking drugs substance. Bongani Fassie has his show called #FindingBongani in MojaLoveTv channel 157 where the show is portraying the life of Bongani Fassie as he try to find himself.

The show has left many viewers angry for the fact that Bongani Fassie and his girlfriend does not seem to care much about their kids. Viewers bleed for those kids who does not know their mother’s love. There are so many couple struggle to conceive, then we have Buhle who taking them for granted.

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Buhle was unbothered by her child crying, she didn’t even care to cuddle the child who is asking where her mommy is going. It seems Bongani is the only parent here. Buhle did mention in the previous episode that she leaves parenting to Bongani. She was gone for a week and left the kids with Bongani. Bongani has to be strong enough to look for somebody he will built with for the sake of his kids.

Buhle has soo many blessings in front of her but she’s too stuck up on chasing her youth to see it. Viewers whish Buhle can finds herself and be the best mother to her kids

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Buhle is a mother of 3 but she lacks maturity. She did say she is looking for polygamous marriage because she still want to party. Follower think that Buhle and Bongani’s kids will mature long before their parents grow up. Followers are convinced that Bongani has been cursed starting from the generations of his mother Brenda Fassie to Bongani. Now the kids are also affected.

What can you say to someone like Buhle in terms of the life that she is living. Let’s share thoughts and opinions regarding this. Don’t forget to like and follow our page for more latest news.

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