Viewers noticed a lot of things in Nhlamulo’s Suit

Viewers noticed a lot of things in Nhlamulo’s Suit

Something about Nhlamulo’s attire at the funeral of his wife Lindiwe has got Mzansi talking on social media. It didn’t take long for Mzansi to notice that his outfit didn’t match the rest of the mourners at the funeral of his wife, Lindiwe Ngema, in the scandal drama.

This week on Scandal, Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe, will be leaving the cast. There has been a palpable sense of the last farewell among Scandal supporters and watchers. Hers has been the most memorable funeral.

In contrast to the other members of the Scandal supporting cast, Nhlamulo stands out for Mzansi thanks to his distinctive attire. Nhlamulo also appears on television wearing clothing that is bulletproof under another dress code. Fans and watchers can always count on him to look sharp because his wardrobe never fails to wow.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the audience members watching at this point. Many people have been brought to tears by Nhlamulo’s final moments with his soul mate. His letter to his wife has been praised by many readers for its unique style.

Right now, Mathews Rantsoma is portraying Nhlamulo on screen. His dramatic moments have been very well received in South Africa. So far, Nhlamulo has been very convincing as Lindiwe’s husband. He is burying his parents, who died lately, and giving her away.

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