Vukani Master KG booked the whole restaurant for makhadzi


Vukani Master KG booked the whole restaurant for makhadzi

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It seems makhadzi and Master kg love is blazing hot and nothing can stop it though the couple have been through a rough patch and a lot of things not going as how they planned, at first their relationship did not work out but this time finger crossed. Fans are happy that atleast the Limpopo power couple takes the lead this time and it all leads to a lovely family the two deserve it. Makhadzi as a hard working women that she is deserves someone that will love her and care for her not for the money, but because the person has genuine love.

Masterkg seema to be doing the lords work as he shows his love to makhadzi on valentines day by taking her out to a restaurant that he booked out the whole restaurant just for his lady. It was very beautiful to see the couple happy and rejoicing at their dinner date.

The video was posted on twitter and here are the picture of the two lovely couple as they are inlove and showing each other how much they love each other.
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Master kg has always been a guy that wears hats or caps but mostly hairbands people say that his head is awkward but yet its a very beautiful one. On valentines he decided to let it out and it seems makhadzi love has definitely changed him and it is for the best and this just shows that Makhadzi and masterkg are normal and free around each other and it is a very lovely thing.

After the video was posted of them after the two booked out an entire restaurant here are the comments that twitter shared on their video.


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