Vusi MA R5’s daughter, Rapelang Marungwane-Mosoeu made Mzansi cry

Vusi MA R5’s daughter, Rapelang Marungwane-Mosoeu made Mzansi cry

Individuals of Pretoria have accumulated today, to take care of their last regard to one of their #1 performers and artist, Vusi Mama R5. The youthful, impending craftsman was fired and killed by obscure shooters on the 30th of January 2023.

He was let go in Mabopane, Pretoria recently. He was a craftsman of a music kind well known among occupants of Pretoria called Bacardi. His hit melodies, ‘Tse Nyane’ and ‘Thaba ke Changitse’ are well known and leaned toward by individuals of Tshwane.

The craftsman’s little girl Rapelang Marungwane-Mosoeu gave an exceptionally difficult discourse that have likewise contacted the group. That’s what she said, his dad’s executioner might be glad until further notice, yet they are left crushed.

“Father! May you find happiness in the hereafter. We need to acknowledge it. We didn’t anticipate that this should occur. The individual who killed you, how can he feel with that “blood cash” assuming he was recruited to kill you? On the off chance that you are getting a charge out of it, we are left devastated.” She said, with a wrecked voice.

This is a second homicide of a famous craftsman from Pretoria, following the lethal shooting of DJ Sumbody toward the end of last year. Certain individuals accept that there is an organization past this multitude of killings.

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