Vusi Nova shows us interesting footage of Amazing voices EPISODE 11

Vusi Nova shows us interesting footage of Amazing voices EPISODE 11

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Vusi shared a photo of himself and Tumi on Instagram with the remark “Isn’t she lovely?” from Stevie Wonder’s song.

Vusi and Tumi have been openly “loving” one other on social media, despite the fact that neither party has confirmed it. sharing photos of themselves with the nicest captions and heartfelt messages in the comments area.

Vusi gushed over Tumi on social media in December 2020, while celebrating her birthday. He revealed his enthusiasm about seeing her on Instagram stories, writing, “Love of my life has arrived.”


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“Thank you, my darling pie,” she replied. My baby, I will always and forever love you. Tumi has used Instagram to rave about Vusi on multiple occasions, including declaring him her “Man Crush Monday” and posting cute captions about him at random. In the comments area, Vusi reacted to one by saying, “I adore you.”

One troll attempted to come at Vusi in the comments area of his newest post. Vusi “finally came back to his senses” after he “limited or discontinued” his association with Somizi, according to the troll.

The man went on to warn Vusi that instead of acting like a “gay want tobe,” he should have focused his attention on his relationship all along.
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Vusi was enraged by the troll’s remark and moved quickly to put him in his place.

“Do you mind if I tell you something for nothing? Ftsek! Vusi clapped back, “Swine flu.”