Vuyo Ngcukana is fierd from The Queen


Vuyo Ngcukana is fierd from The Queen

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Vuyo Ngcukana is a South African presenter, MC, and actor currently playing Schumacher on mzanzi magics the queen. The hilarious actor has viewers watching him religiously every weekday. But apart from being such a good actor, who is Vuyo, there are more great actors and actresses he is associated with.
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However Vuyo Ngcukana was fired from the queen earlier this year “2022” because he broke several contractual rules. Unfortunately, he will not be in the television screens on the queen anymore,because of the final decision they made of letting him go.

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If is said that by March Vuyo will no longer be on the queen given the reason that they bought to the table. Fans are now confused over what the production of the queen is doing. They are getting used to the hire and fire norm which is now confusing fans further. They say that as they start to get to know an actor they get fired.

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