Watch: 9 years later, Minnie Dlamini finally spills the beans on what many people think Khune did, but didn’t do.

Watch: 9 years later, Minnie Dlamini finally spills the beans on what many people think Khune did, but didn’t do.

In the enchanting realm of Mzansi, a tale unfolded featuring the magnetic duo of Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune, capturing the hearts of all who witnessed their romance.

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Whispers echoed through the grapevine, suggesting wedding bells in 2014, but fear not, dear readers, for Minnie has stepped into the spotlight to dispel the myths and reveal the truth about their love story.

During a recent rendezvous with DJ Fresh on the “WAW! What A Week WAW” YouTube podcast, Minnie, with an air of candor, addressed the lingering rumors that Khune had generously contributed a cool R1 million for lobola. With a furrowed brow and unwavering resolve, she shattered the misconception, declaring it nothing more than an unrelenting tale of hearsay that continues to haunt her.

This isn’t Minnie’s first dance with rumor-quashing. In 2017, on DJ Fresh’s radio show, she emphatically asserted that no man, save for her ex-husband Quinton Jones, had ever settled the lobola score for her. “It never happened,” she exclaimed, setting the record straight and leaving no room for ambiguity.

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Yet, as the plot thickens, Minnie unveils the chapters of her life beyond the glitz and glamour. Enter “The Honeymoon,” where her on-screen character became a conduit for personal healing post-divorce from Quinton in February 2022. A turbulent period that saw Minnie navigating the storm alone, she found solace in her character, learning to disregard the cacophony of external opinions and focus on her own happiness.

But, dear readers, brace yourselves for the crescendo of drama. A custody battle and spousal support imbroglio have surfaced between Minnie and Quinton. Allegedly, a monthly sum of R10,000 has been demanded, painting a complex portrait of a love story that once had us swooning. Minnie, however, stands resolute, vowing to protect her child at all costs, rallying her legal arsenal for a battle royale.

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As if scripted by a soap opera maestro, cryptic messages on social media add an extra layer to this saga. Minnie’s birthday wishes to Quinton on Instagram carry a subtle sting, hinting at the aftermath of divorce. The insinuations continue with enigmatic posts about forcibly separating babies from their mothers, leaving us to ponder the unsaid.

In the latest twist, Minnie’s televised escapades on “Curated by Tanqueray” have taken an unexpected turn. A snippet from the show sends ripples through the internet as Minnie, seemingly unaware of Khune’s current soccer endeavors, reacts to the revelation with palpable disbelief. A reminder that, even after love stories fade, the shadows of the past may linger.

And so, dear readers, the saga of Minnie Dlamini unfolds—a tapestry woven with threads of love, rumors, divorce, and resilience. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Celebrity World Turns,” where the drama never ceases, and the spotlight never dims.

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