Watch: AKA scores the winning goal for Hip Hop from a penalty

Watch: AKA scores the winning goal for his team from a penalty

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It’s Official The Match Between Maskandi Singers and Hip hop Singer Has Ended.

And The Hip Hop Side won the Match this Of Course after Rapper Aka Scored the Winning Goal which Was an Actually Well Taken Penalty Kick.

Which To Say surprised Many People, as AKA Is not A Footballer But His goal was one That even Professional Footballers Would Be Impressed By.

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The Match was Being held In Johanessburg, and The Final Score Line was 4-3 to the Hip Hop Side, which The Match Can be Confirmed as An entering One.

Another thing that left People Talking Would be The Fact that During the Match sho Madjozi actually Came On to represent The Ladies, which was something Nice to See From The Organisers To Include all People.

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The Match has Ended and All The differences Have Been Settled between South African hip Hop Singers And Maskindi Singers, with Rapper AKA Scoring the Winning Goal For the Hip Hop Side.