WATCH: Angry Cyan Boujee fires back at Mac G after he calls her a pr0stitute

WATCH: Angry Cyan Boujee fires back at Mac G after he calls her a pr0stitute

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Controversial South African influencer and DJ, Cyan Boujee drags Mac G for calling her a pr0stitute on his show, Podcast and Chill. The influencer’s attention was called to it by a fan and she replied to the presenter with heavy insults, also dragging his wife on Instagram stories.

“lol gotta get used to the hot topic phrase. That squirrel-looking thing laughing out at the fact that im out on school tours is okay but calling me a pr0stitute for views is were you draw the line. your wife that looks 20x older than you is the actual prostitute,” she wrote.

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Cyan further calls Mac a hypocrite and hater.

“Have your opinion about me but don’t swear at me then come back to smile in my face. Y’all supporting an actual premium hater that’s hating every young artist in the game. but the good thing is we keep accomplishing.”

“Being in the industry for DECADES and having a 22 year old come in a year and make lox what you’ve made is the kind of hate I understand but i repeat, DONT. SWEAR ON MY NAME.”

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Cyan continues with dragging Mac G and also trolled the co-host on three show, Sol Phenduka.

“Keep your respect high for me cause you know I’m one of the top 5 guests out of a million guests you’ve had that gave you one million views, and i don’t wanna talk about that dark blue, blob fish fat man. he’s just a puppet gaining coins from this and I’ll be stooping rootimes low”

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