Watch: Boity breaks pregnancy news to her mother and her reaction is priceless

Watch: Boity breaks pregnancy news to her mother and her reaction is priceless

TV personality and rapper Boitumelo Boity Thulo took to Twitter to share a hilarious prank she made on her mother.
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She said she lied and told her mom that she is pregnant but when she eventually told her its a joke, the reality TV star smacked her.

She tweeted: I lied to my mom saying Im pregnant and she started crying and hugging me. I felt so bad I told her Im joking and she smacked me! At least I now know!

Reacting to Boitys tweet, Lungsta responded: Dont ever do dat again Rolling on the floor laughing, my mom pushed me into it, before her last days. For her sake, I dont regret it. Its the least I could have done for her. Pity my daughter Dont remember all that love.

@Ntu2koMazibuko: uWrong Boity She thought u were about to bring her a beautiful grandchild kgante you were pulling her leg You must be grounded.

Boity also shared cute snaps of her mother living her best life. she said she loves to see her mom having a good time.

Its my mom living her best life and it looking so damn good on her! I love to see Stella getting her groove on! she tweeted.
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Yesterday a tweep aimed at Boity body shaming her for her cellulite and weight gain. The Twitter user said Boity must hit the gym.

Weighing in on body shaming during her interview with Touch HD some time ago, Boity said: Body shaming is not just, being too big or being too skinny, there are also people who want to shame you for being comfortable in your own skin, that also played a role, as much as people do celebrate在ut theres also a side where youre made to feel bad somehow by people who just dont like the fact that youre ok in your body, that youre ok with being naked or half-naked, she said at the time.

For me personally, no one should tell you what you should look like at all, so yes you will have body shammers but, you need to understand that its just projection, because I dont think youll have the ability to shame someone unless it exists inside of you.
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She added that any form of shaming should never be taken personally.

So with regards to body shaming, it should never be taken personally because its just projection, its just the same with beauty shaming or any form of shaming, its just projection because you cant say something about someone without you feeling it inside of you so, whatever anyone says to you, its all just projection, whether someone loves you completely, its a projection of what they have inside of themselves and with body shaming, said Boity.