Watch: Dr. Tumi gets mugged on camera.

Watch: Dr. Tumi gets mugged on camera.

A video of a person obtaining mugged circulated everywhere social media however what caught several people’s attention was the actual fact that the covert man incorporates a acquainted face. He feels like gospel musician Dr Tumi and to our surprise, it is him.

Fans and supporters of gospel star Dr Tumi were afraid to visualize a video of the star obtaining mugged at Tshili’s Midrand space on Tues, Feb twenty three. numerous Twitter accounts denote the video that was taken from a CCTV camera and folks flooded the comments section, others with deep issues while several were taking things gently.

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Many people joked concerning the assault by quoting one in every of his widespread songs, “wafika wafika kuye” which suggests ‘he has arrived.’

The video shows the doctor wearing a black suit and talking on the phone, then 2 men passed him with one approaching him directly so snatching his phone. the person then gets within a white automotive, that jets off departure a surprised Dr Tumi.

Here ar a number of the reactions:

“The comments thereon video of Dr Tumi being mugged aren’t kind, a number of you will not see the gate of heaven bo “wafika wafika kuye”, “hlwips” i am deadass riant.

“I’ll tell you one thing, it’s currently necessary to have a gun in SA…

” I didn’t grasp cell mugging/robbery was still happening. i assumed everybody incorporates a phone during this era and don’t obtain purloined phones.

“Phone are often standardized,unfortunately for his info and contacts.

The star confirmed the incident and aforementioned he opened a case of felony at a Midrand police headquarters.

On Twitter he thanked fans World Health Organization were involved concerning him and people World Health Organization needed him well. “Good evening fam. Trust you’ve got been well. many thanks all for your kind messages. causing mega like to you.”

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Just some weeks agone, the gospel star declared the unhappy passing of his father, Pastor MD Makweya.

“Hi Fam. thus unhappy to announce concerning the passing of my pricey pappa. He was such a fine looking gift to our family and therefore the body of Christ. thus low and worthy for the years God blessed American state with him in my life. it had been such a good honour to be referred to as his son. one in every of the best gift was him raising American state to understand Christ and showing American state the unfailing love of a father. this is often such a good loss in my life and our family. i will be able to deeply and greatly miss him. ” aforementioned Dr Tumi on Facebook.