WATCH: Gayton scolds Joslin Smith’s mom


WATCH: Gayton scolds Joslin Smith’s mom

Insensitive? Gayton McKenzie scolded the mother of Joslin Smith after she revealed police had separated from her boyfriend…

Joslin Smiths mother has shared her human trafficking concerns


Gayton McKenzie has publicly scolded the mother of Joslin Smith after she expressed her unhappiness at being separated from her boyfriend.

According to police, Kelly and her partner Jacquin Appollis, also known as Boeta, have been placed in separate safe houses amid their concerns for their safety.


The couple – who have confessed to abusing drugs-  have been painted as people of interest in the disappearance of the Saldanha Bay girl last week. Joslin was in the care of her stepdad when she went missing.

Meanwhile, Gayton has shared regular social media updates from his hands-on search for Joslin.


In a Facebook Live on Saturday, 2 March, Gayton McKenzie revealed he had made contact with Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly. The Patriotic Alliance leader stated that she and her partner had been placed in a safe house.

However, Kelly was unhappy that she had been separated from her boyfriend Boeta.

“She said the cops are now separating her and Boeta. She cried for Boeta. I said to her, ‘You must cry for your child.’ Leave Boeta”.

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In a Facebook Live on Friday evening, Gayton claimed that Kelly “needs professional help.”

“The problem with Kelly is that she is more worried about Boeta than her own child.

“Kelly needs help. I’m going to ask the social workers to intervene. They need help for drug addiction. She refused my help to go to a drug rehab centre.


Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie has called on police to drug test Kelly, Boeta, and other occupants of their home when Joslin went missing last week. Gayton also demanded that the group be given another lie detector test.

Addressing Bheki Cele, who visited the community to show his support, the politician said: “We want to clear their name. Because, at the moment, we do not know if they are suspects”.


Meanwhile, Gayton revealed he had taken a step back amid criticism from authorities that he was “interfering” with the investigation.

In a media briefing on Friday, Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety Reagen Allen condemned individuals “politicising” their assistance to the community.

He said: “I am deeply alarmed at the manner in which this tragic matter has been politicised. Individuals and groups should refrain from this practice.

“It is highly immoral and insensitive to the friends, family, loved ones, and the wider community”.


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