WATCH: ‘Lawyer up’: Samthing Soweto confirms DA used song without permission

WATCH: ‘Lawyer up’: Samthing Soweto confirms DA used song without permission

Lawsuit loading? Samthing Soweto has confirmed that the DA were not authorised to sing his popular track ‘Akanamali’ at their recent rally.

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Samthing Soweto has confirmed reports that the Democratic Alliance (DA) used his hit song Akanamali at their recent rally without his permission.

On Saturday, 17 February, the party launched the official manifesto outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

During the rally, several South African artists – including Master KG and Kurt Darren – performed for the crowd.


On X, a clip of Sun-El Musician and Samthing Soweto’s 2018 hit track Akanamali was heard blaring through the speakers at the DA rally over the weekend.

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The song was performed by Durban artist Tanner Wareham.

Many X users were unimpressed that the political party did not pay the original vocalist – real name Samkelo Mdolomba – to perform the song. Others are upset that the DA did not seek permission from him or Sun-El Musician.

Confirming their concerns, Samthing Soweto tweeted: “These things just happen without signing off.”

When tweeps told him to “lawyer up” and sue for copyright infringement, Samthing responded: “Yeah right,” and “It’s not that deep”.

The soft-spoken muso also seemingly complimented the singer for his cover version.

He tweeted: “Geez man, talk about crossing over. I appreciate every rendition”.


Meanwhile, X users also shared their amusement at singer Kurt Darren singing his popular track Kaptein for a largely non-Afrikaans crowd.

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