WATCH: Makhadzi pushes a dancer off stage


WATCH: Makhadzi pushes a dancer off stage

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Makhadzi topped the trends list when a video of her pushing one of her backup dancers off stage went viral. The Ghanama hitmaker can be seen dancing with her dancers but in the heat of the moment, she pushes one of them off stage and she got slammed for that.

Makhadzi is one feisty performer and her stage presence always gets the people talking. This time it’s no different and she definitely had people talking and it’s not for good reasons.
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According to a festival goer, Makhadzi was performing at Moonlight Tavern in the North West this past weekend.

Mzansi reacted with mixed feelings about this, with others saying Makhadzi probably did not mean to push her off the stage, but wanted to warn her that she was also getting wet from the water they were spraying.

But others think Makhadzi did that on purpose. “She meant to tap her to stop splashing water on her but I guess that tap was to hard for the already dancing girl…all of this was unintentional,” said one

“The intention was not to push her from the stage to the ground. The intention was to say she must move aside because water is also splashing all over her head.”

“But seriously why would she come to sprinkle water on the stage? I would have done the same like Makhadzi did… we are performing here this is not a summer game.”

Here are some reactions:

When Riky Rick, lost his life as a result of suicide, she wrote a lengthy note pleading with fans to be kind to celebrities because they too go through some things.

She said celebrities lose their lives as a result of fake friends, very sinister fans and toxicity of fame.

“At this stage of life I will never judge anyone or any celebrity who takes their own life. We don’t have people to talk to, because most of the people who are our closest friends are the ones who mostly betray us. Instead of helping us they go around bragging about our situation to prove that they know us better.”

“When it comes to our fans, there are those who want likes and shares by insulting and humiliating us for a situation we cannot change. I wish our fans know we are human beings like any other person. We feel pain like anyone else, especially when you find out that millions of people are making fun about a situation you cannot change. How do you survive that if you are not strong?” the singer asked.

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