Watch: Meikie Maputla has always known about John and Mantuli

Watch: Meikie Maputla has always known about John and Mantuli

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twitter has been convinced that Meikie Maputla knows about John Maputla and Mantuli’s big secret long before last night’s episode. After taking Mantuli out on a spa date to find out who is Zamokuhle’s father, Meikie had a change of heart about getting the truth out of her neighbour. After Manutli told Meikie that the truth about Kwaito’s father would destroy so many lives – Meikie pulled back and told her that she must take that secret to the grave even if she has to.

In the recent episode, John Maptutla almost fainted when Zamo told them about his plan to get his father’s DNA. He didn’t take the news well and it was written all over his face. His family is worried about him and they’ve arranged for a doctor to come to see him.

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Desperate to win her son back, Mantuli went to John’s office at the university to get a DNA sample and their conversion quickly got heated. Maputla has opposed the idea of the truth coming out as he believes that it would destroy his family. Meikie walked in on the conversation before the credits rolled up.

Viewers are anticipating Monday’s episode to see how Meikie will take the news. Everyone knows that she would go to hell and back to protect her family. Charity Ramabu can attest to that. This current situation should have an interesting twist as Mantuli has been her best friends for many a year and now she’s just learnt that she had an affair with her best friend. Not even we know how this whole thing is going to turn out.

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Amid all of the chaos, fans are worried that Buhle Maseko, who plays Nimza in the soapie, could be leaving after he announced that he’s bagged a new gig in a different province.

“It’s been almost a month that my crazy self decided to pack my bags and head to another province without a solid plan. Not just any province though, but a province that is dear to my heart in so many ways (I’m still crazy like that though,” he posted.

“Fast forward I’m officially part of Limpopo’s Hottest Frequency @capricornfm and the new presenter of the #CTMUrbanHot40.”

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Main Picture Credit: Skeem Saam