WATCH: Murdah Bongz under fire over DJ Zinhle’s clip

WATCH: Murdah Bongz under fire over DJ Zinhle’s clip

South African musician DJ Zinhle headed online to gush over her husband Robert Mohosana known best by his stage name, Murdah Bongz, this week. In early 2022, the pair announced that they had tied the knot and have been living in what appears to be complete bliss over the last couple of years.

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While they often swoon over each other on social media, they have faced a lot of criticism and backlash from online trolls.

In fact, this week, trolls are again blasting Murdah after Zinhle basically said that she is in awe that he chose to be with her despite being “out of her league.”

South African musician and former Black Motion group member Murdah Bongz often faces criticism and trolls around his marriage.

In 2023, the pair made headlines after clips of Zinhle’s “inappropriate” behaviour around American artist Usher went viral.

Many referred to him as a “simp.”

However, this doesn’t seem to faze him one bit. Zinhle herself ignores internet trolls and frequently shares content on social media about her personal life.

Heading online this week, the Era by DJ Zinhle founder once again swooned over her perfect husband.

In the clip, she explains how she slept in his dark room because she missed him and enjoyed smelling his scent in the air.

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She also discusses dating people who are out of your league and how she feels Murdah is out of her league.

According to the mom of two, Murdah is a likeable person who is thoughtful, kind, gentle, and stylish. The DJ marvelled over the fact that he was so perfect and still loved her so much despite her imperfections.

“This guy is just too much for me,” she says as she asks her followers if they ever liked or dated someone they thought was out of their league.


In the comment section, many congratulated the couple while discussing how cute Zinhle is for crushing on her own husband this hard.

Many of them assured her that she, too, is also a catch and how perfect they are as a pair.

Unfortunately, the clip also opened the door for notorious X (formerly Twitter) trolls such as Chris Excel and Shadaya Knight to weigh in:

“Learn to decipher womanese, what she’s really saying Translation: Bongz was in his prime he could have gotten a woman in his prime as his wife, but because he doesn’t know his value, he chose me washed up, a single mom She’s simply telling the world Bongz is a simp,” he wrote.

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