WATCH: Muvhango actors in contracts and salary drama

WATCH: Muvhango actors in contracts and salary drama

Actors from Muvhango are at risk of losing their jobs. According to ZiMoja, cast members of Muvhango, who are still unaware of their contracts, are beginning to feel worried.


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Although contracts are expected to be completed by the end of April, the end of the financial year, negotiations and discussions between the producers and the actors have not yet taken place. According to the insider, actors typically have guidance or an idea of what’s going to happen with their careers by this time of year.

“We are concerned. Month end is slowly approaching and no one is saying anything to us. We don’t know whether we should start looking for jobs elsewhere or if we must just wait and hope our contracts get renewed,” the actor said.

According to ZiMoja, Duma Ndlovu, the executive producer and creator of the soap opera, shares the same level of frustration as the actors and crew because he is also holding out for answers from higher authorities.The source also said that most actors are scared that they might still earn the same salary or less at the end of April since there won’t be enough time to negotiate their contracts.


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“His actors and the production company are still waiting for answers from the SABC. Maybe the negotiations are still under way.By now people usually know how much they’ll be earning or whether they are leaving or joining the new season. These people are treating our profession as if it is some charity,” said an angry actor

Another cast member told ZiMoja that some actors were not even paid for three months, and they have been complaining.

“People are scared to come forward and expose what is happening at the SABC because they will be written off and will never get jobs. Not everyone is as vocal as Vatiswa Ndara who is also struggling to get jobs at the moment,” added the source.

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