Watch: Rachel Kolisi’s academic qualifications revealed

Watch: Rachel Kolisi’s academic qualifications revealed

She has a degree – Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel, is a student bettering her academic qualifications.

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Check out a detailed report about Rachel Kolisi’s academic qualifications. Rachel is the wife of the Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi, and she had been one of the most present WAGS during the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.

Since the World Cup in France, Rachel had been one of the most talked about WAGS with how she conducted herself.

Many fans loved how much she cared for the family and business when Siya Kolisi was away. This has made many young girls look out to her for inspiration, and she did not disappoint. All this left many fans asking questions about Rachel, including her life before marrying Siya.

Among these questions were her academic qualifications and where she went to school. This also came after she announced that she was going back to school.


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Rachel usually shared events about her family and social life, leaving many fans believing that it was all she had. Indeed, these fans did not know about her professional and business life. According to Briefly, Rachel is a degreed person and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Rachel studied her secondary education at Victoria Girls High School before pursuing a degree in Event management. After that, she worked as a CEO at the Kolisi Foundation and returned to school but did not tell anyone more about what she was studying.


Adding to her academic qualifications, Rachel enrolled for another certificate in January 2022. She shared with fans on Instagram but was unsure how she would manage her tight schedule.

“I’ve wanted to study for a long time but just haven’t had the opportunity. I finally decided to take a dive and do it.
Still trying to figure out how I’m going to manage everything,” Rachel said.

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“I hope you manage to spend some time getting pen to paper and setting some goals for yourself; remember, a dream without a plan is just a dream,” she continued. “Also, just a side note to say I appreciate every positive message/comment from you guys. Honestly, you guys are amazing, and I appreciate your support so much; I’m sorry I don’t tell you enough ❤️” she finished.

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