WATCH: SA reacts to ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku’s trending video


WATCH: SA reacts to ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku’s trending video

“Hai we are tired this man has been getting help for years,” an X user reacts to ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku’s trending video.

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Dubbed one of the best star actors ever to grace the small screens, Innocent Masuku wowed Mzansi with his unmatched acting flair.

With an illustrious career spanning years, the star is best known for his on-screen character of Bobo on ‘Yizo Yizo.‘ However, in the backdrop of his fame, he lost it all to his drug addiction. In recent years, he has often opened up about his woes.



In 2022 the celebrated actor hogged headlines when he opened up about his woes during the EFF’s Youth Month campaigns. Innocent Masuku dived into his addiction and how he lost opportunities because of drugs. He went on to reveal that he blew his fortune on drugs and had nothing left.

Against his woes, several well-wishers reached out, and the star bounced back with drug awareness campaigns. However, Masuku has been off the hook on social media platforms, leaving many guessing his whereabouts.

As Mzansi tries to connect the dots about Innocent Masuku’s whereabouts, a viral video of the star having cigarettes and beer has been making rounds on the internet. Little is known about when the video was taken.

Against the trends, the actor has yet to address the viral video. The now-viral video has undoubtedly gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Social media users were quick to flood the internet with their two cents. However, many have it that after the cameras switched off, the star actor might have had a relapse. These unconfirmed reports have often thrust Innocent Masuku into the top trends.

On the other hand, some social media users made it known that there was nothing wrong with having a beer and that people shouldn’t always pin his drug addiction on everything he does.

An X user commented, “My guy is just chilling and having a beer; you all have already concluded he needs help. He’s looking good and clean. He hasn’t fully recovered, but he looks far better than he used to be.”

“Bobo must first help himself by quitting alcohol and smoking. Celebrities must pick themselves up first & not expect fans to carry them endlessly,” posted Tebogo Koma.


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