Watch: Minnie Dlamini and Unathi dragged for doing Tempela challenge.

Watch: Minnie Dlamini and Unathi dragged for doing Tempela challenge.

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Unathi, Minnie Dlamini-Jones, and their friends are doing the NkaoTempela challenge together. Their participation in the challenge has been trending and tweeps have been on Unathi being in the video clip. Unathi was fired from Khaya FM and she is still a happy person with that history.
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As for Minnie, she is no longer participating as much as she used to since having a baby. Their child with Jones must have their attention a lot, and she could not have as much time as she used to on social media. As she came back, she received bad comments again. She was very emotional when doing the challenge as loved the experience.

What Twitter has done is body shame the person who suffered the most in this particular video challenge. Dlamini suffered in this situation. They are in Cape Town for a good time, not bothering other people, but their happiness is enough to give other people chest pains.

Everyone can participate in the challenge. Cape Town is a beautiful place to have the kind of lifestyle you want and is not restricted to others. Even mixed reactions to Unathi were given, and they came in large part from Chris Excel, who is unpredictable in terms of support.
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Change happens all the time, and life goes on. You cannot refrain from enjoying your lifestyle because someone will say something negative about it. People get older, and you just don’t know how exactly it happens and from what angle in life.

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