Watch what happened to Makhadzi while she was on the plane

Watch what happened to Makhadzi while she was on the plane

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Today we get to talk about the twenty-five years Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona popularly known as Makhadzi who has caused on stir on social media. Makhadzi is a South African award winning musician who has gained a good fan base because of the music she produces. She is one of the energetic and vibrant young celebrities in South Africa who are making it succefully in the entertainment industry. Like any other person, she worked so hard to see herself where she is now. She has proved that hard work and dedication pays off if people are dedicated.
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She has put the coutry on a international platform as she gained fan base on other countries. After years of working tirelessly she is finally getting the attention from other countries. She made it to Twitter trends yesterday after two of her songs became song of the year on two radio stations. People congratulated her for such a hard work . She gas proven that all is possible only if people are dedicated. She is such a powerhouse and always bring positive energy wherever she is. That is why she is one of the top loved celebrities in South Africa.

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Besides making trends about her songs being voted as song of the year she also made it to social media trends. A video of her being dragged out of the airplane by Limpopo boy went viral. It has been circulating on social media platforms. She was seen on the video being dragged out of the car. On the video the Limpopo dancer was seen getting into plane and immediately called her to get out of the plane. He approached her in a very angry and violence way. She kept on asking for forgiveness.
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” I said I am sorry” she says but the Limpopo boy kept on dragging her out of the plane. Up to so far there is no information regarding the reason why he did that to her. Masses are hoping to be clarified soon about what truly happened. Follow the link below to watch the video fully.


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