We bet you would never guess this about Faith Nketsi

We bet you would never guess this about Faith Nketsi


Faith Nketsi took the entertainment industry by storm as a “Pro Twerker”. She has been such a regular presence on the scene that many fans feel like they have known her forever, which is probably why many were surprised to find out her real age.

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She recently took to social media to share snaps from her birthday, and it was all good wishes and love from her fans and followers. That was until it got revealed that she was turning 27 years old on the day, and the internet was confused.

Tweeps could not understand how she was just then turning 27. It would seem that many people consider her to be older than that, with different figures being thrown around. Some think she is at least thirty, while others believe that although she is young, she seems to have lived many lives, almost as though she is at least forty.

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We have to say, though, that forty is a bit of an exaggeration. She certainly does not look 40. However, they thought she was 40, not because she looks that age, but because they feel like she has been around for so long that they can’t wrap their heads around her being so young.


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It was not all hate though, as many recognise that the confusion is only because she is a staple in Mzansi entertainment. To make it better, she looked smoking hot at her birthday party, and she knows it. It was all love as she was showered with praises for being gorgeous, having a fabulous body, and dressing like a million bucks.

The influencer recently sent tongues wagging across the country when she was accused of cheating on her boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo. It was particularly scandalous, as the man had just bought her a luxurious Range Rover only shortly before, making all the women weep with jealousy.

She did come forward to set the record straight, saying that she had not cheated on her man. According to her, she was at Sumo nightclub, where the video was recorded that started the rumours, with her boyfriend.

Faith has been wowing her fans with new music lately, and we love to see it. This comes after she has been dragged for her rapping skills, which many consider “dismal”, multiple times. However, she has shown that she is anything but a quitter, and her fighting spirit, regardless of the hate she sometimes received, is a big part of why she has such a militant and devoted fan base.

Happy belated birthday to the young queen, and all the best in her career going forward.

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