We reveal to you what happened between Sjava and Lady Zamar

We reveal to you what happened between Sjava and Lady Zamar

Since launching his career in 2005, the multi-talented Jabulani Hadebe better known as Sjava has established himself as a rapper, singer, and actor with awards to his name and millions of fans who love his work.

Despite being a prominent figure, Sjava has managed to maintain a relatively low profile and not much is known about his personal life.

This article reveals everything you need to know about Sjava’s wife (or wives) as well as a look back at his scandalous relationship with Lady Zamar that nearly buried his career.

Who is Sjava’s wife?



Although he had initially denied the rumors that he was a married man, in September 2021, Sjava caught his fans by surprise when he introduced not just one woman but three women as his wives.

Taking to social media, Sjava shared photos of his three wives with the caption: “Amakhosikazi Ami ngokulandelana ❤️❤️❤️.” He also tagged the three beautiful ladies on Instagram.

The three women believed to be Sjava’s wives are: Thumeka “Thumthum” Jack who according to her Instagram bio is a Herbalife distributor and a mother of three, Queen Sdudla who is a pharmacist and a plus-size body positivity influencer, and Mzolo Pearl (Lindelwa) who according to her bio is a mother with an interest in fashion, Maskandi music, and Chris Brown.



What happened between Sjava and Lady Zamar?


Sjava and Lady Zamar started dating in 2017 but they kept their relationship very private and the public only got to know that the two were together after two years.

On the same day that Lady Zamar confirmed that she was in a relationship with Sjava, she also revealed that they had broken up but that was just the beginning of their drama.

A few months after announcing their breakup, Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her. According to Zamar, the incident took place in 2017 at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo after the two performed together at the event.

As expected, the rape allegations had a negative impact on Sjava’s career who lost several gigs including being removed from the Cape Town International Jazz Festival artists’ line-up.

He later issued a statement denying the rape allegations and gave his account of how their relationship had been explaining that when he and Lady Zamar had begun dating, he had another girlfriend of whom Zamar was aware and agreed to the open relationship. With time, however, she wanted exclusivity and asked him to make a choice between her and the other woman.

“When we started dating in 2017 I told her I have a girlfriend and she understood that so we continued our relationship. However, as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to choose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship a lot happened that left her unhappy as I was well invested in my music and neglecting her in the process,” he said.

The rape case was later taken to court but was thrown out by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

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