wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

When a fiancee is considering the type of look that she desires to possess on her day, it’s not uncommon for her to want a hairstyle that needs quite a little bit of hair length. whether or not it’s hair that’s “homegrown” or she desires to a small degree of weave help, there are actually dozens of various things that she will do with long hair.

But what if you’re the type of bride WHO has short hair, loves it and has ne’er desired to possess a weave track come back inside fifty feet of your head? square measure there still bridal hairstyles that square measure applicable for you? wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

Most positively. These square measure just a few of the appearance to produce you with to a small degree of inspiration. Cuts which will create former brides want that maybe that they had gone the shorter route and single ladies “bookmark” short hair as being a viable day choice for once their time comes.

Speaking of pixies, whether or not you decide to hear a veil, you’re going to be drop dead gorgeous in an asymmetrical pixie cut like this one.

Pixie cut brides are always beautiful. Especially if they happen to have relatively long bangs in the front.

If you currently have a bob with bangs (which is actually pretty popular right now), there’s no need to figure out another style. Just look for the kind of headpiece that will accentuate it well.

The wet look is in right now too. A bit of product to create some finger waves can give you a hairstyle that’s very similar to this one.

One way to make your shortcut still look ultra feminine is if you take your bangs and sweep them over to the side. Just make sure that they are smooth and sleek in order to provide more of a dramatic effect.

Rose gold is one of the most popular color trends from head-to-toe right now. If you happen to have a short hairstyle with a lot of volume, brush it back for a bit of flair and sophistication.

If you plan on wearing a shorter gown, you will be adorable in a hairstyle that has more spikes than curls.

There are some haircuts that are so simple yet awesome that a bridal hairpiece is not required. This is one of them.

Is your hair naturally curly? If so, don’t hide it. Cut a few layers into your bob and be loose and fancy free. wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

She look straight out of a period movie, doesn’t she? A bang with short waves added to it is beyond wedding day romantic.

If you have a short style that you’re currently in the process of growing out and you hate the thought of cutting it, get it trimmed instead. Some transitional looks are just as beautiful. wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

If you want to mix retro with modern, how about a cut like this one. It is a throwback from The Supremes and pardon us for saying it but she looks oh so supreme with it.

It takes a bold and confident woman to wear a fade on her wedding day. But being that getting married is a bold and confident move, we think that the look fits the act. Quite well, in fact.

Here’s another way to style a short bob. If you don’t have enough length to pull it all back, you can pin the back portion and leave the sides and front out.

If you have a pixie cut and would prefer to go without a veil, get your bangs cut. You’ll be such a cute bride. And as a bonus, your hair will require a lot less maintenance while you’re on your honeymoon.

Sometimes, it’s the little details, even in a haircut, that can make all of the difference in the world. For instance, this is basically a pixie cut with long sideburns. But see how distinctive the cut is with them?

Bobs are so sweet. And asymmetrical ones add a touch of spark and personality to any bridal attire.

Speaking of natural hair, if yours happens to be naturally curly and you want to wear it short, you will not go wrong with a cut like this one. Chic is only one word that can be used to describe how special it will make you look on your wedding day!


If you’re a black woman with natural hair, don’t straight it for the occasion. Get your locks twisted into small coils. It will frame your face so wonderfully.


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