What do you think about Mamkhize’s wedding outfit?

What do you think about Mamkhize’s wedding outfit?

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More recently one of Shawn Mamkhize’s brothers got married and of course, her reality star sister was there and she made sure she left a mark.

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“Let me go and spread some love to one of my brothers as I support him when he gives his hand in marriage to his soul mate.” She posted.

Seeing that it was a special occasion led by love, Mamkhize saw it fitting to share a few wise words about love.

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“Trusting someone enough to let them see you at your most vulnerable, is an act of love. There is no greater moment in a relationship than when two people choose to take a risk of bringing their walls down before each other.


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There is no deeper way of conveying how much you love the other person than letting them know that you believe they will take care of your heart, and be careful and kind toward the part of you that you share with them. Congratulations my brother your sister loves you so much.”

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Singer/songwriter Londie London was also in attendance.

Mamkhize also showed off her brothers and revealed how overprotective they are of her.

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“Ohhhh how I love my brothers they are so protective of their sister , they literally want nothing not even a fly touching their sis ,BIG UP BROTHERWOOD I LOVE YOU thank you for having my back.”

Main Picture Credit: Mamkhize Instagram Account