What Makhadzi did on TikTok made Mzansi wonder

What Makhadzi did on TikTok made Mzansi wonder

Mzansi has left all her fans talking on social media in her recent video. Mzansi could not help but wonder whether Makhadzi has elevated her bum or it’s she is natural. There is a video of Makhadzi which is currently on social media where she is seen singing her new hit song.

The South African singer and dancer is about to release a new song which is called ‘Nakupenda’ in the album it’s a track 8. Apparently, the song speaks about bums and love in the middle. The song is not yet out but already fans and followers are already overwhelmed by the hit song and cannot wait for a full vision.

Makhadzi is a South African singer and dancer born and bred in Limpopo. The singer is another young successful musician who recently rose to fame.

Makhadzi has made her household name after she recently dropped her new successful album in a short space. The singer has taken to her social media page where she announce about the new offering in her timeline. It’s not a secrets that Makhadzi was born to be a singer. She is a true definition of Africa queen.

Makhadzi have recently surprised the icon and legendary Limpopo singer Papa Penny with a remix hit song. After so long being quiet, Papa Penny is up again because of Makhadzi who called him and propose to do a remix for his old song called Milandu The. The song is currently trending in all social media platforms. The song is believed to be the song for the festive season as everyone is talking about it.

Papa Penny has revealed in one of the sources that he had a dream many years ago that this song Milandu Bhe will be a hit song where by everyone will be singing and dancing. Makhadzi has made his dreams come true by approaching him and re-doing the song together.

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