What was done to Riky Rick’s statue is not good


What was done to Riky Rick’s statue is not good

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Sculptors have created wax statues of many icons, not only to gain income but to celebrate a public figure as well. Many wax statues of public figures exist, like the statue of the late Nelson Mandela and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

A few days ago, before the burial of South African Hip Hop artist Riky Rick who died by suicide, sculptor Lungelo Gumede took to social media to announce that he took Riky’s wax statue to a local school and learners were happy to see it, swarming around the statue for a picture.

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However, this was not well received by Riky’s family who contacted him and asked him to take the statue out of the public’s eye because it was too soon to display it. Understandably so. They added that they want to mourn the artist privately and that although the statue is of great art, they want it off the public platform.

However, it seems that the statue is on the public’s platform once again, but this time, it is stored with many other statues of well-known icons. In a video that has gone viral, an unnamed man shared a video displaying the statues that have been stored away in storage, mocking a lot of them like that of Ramaphosa.

This time, the public felt that Riky’s memory is being disrespected, wondering why society has lost morals and sympathy for bereaved families. Some even feel that Ramaphosa is being disrespected, as the man behind the camera kept calling him a liar.

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On the other hand, some find the video funny, and they have revealed the man behind the camera as Sizwe Mdlalose from Tik Tok, although many assumed that it is Ngizwe Mchunu, judging by the tone of the voice and the accent.

Riky’s statue is beautiful, a masterpiece, so much that it looks like the real him. Sadly, it is too early to display it and out of respect for the family, it is better to keep it in storage because it reminds them of him and puts salt in their wounds.

He has been greatly personified. And judging by the reaction of his fans following his death, he will be greatly missed and hopefully, they will find solace in the statue.

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