Video: What Zahara’s friends did to her was disastrous.

Video: What Zahara’s friends did to her was disastrous.

Bulelwa Mtukukana known as Zahara is a South African musician from the Eastern Cape currently not on good terms with the most popular Zodwa WaBantu and Mzansi’s DJ Sbu. Zahara is fighting for the money owed to her for one of her albums with DJ Sbu titled “Loliwe”.
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The musician which will be releasing a new album soon has been trending on social media more recently than before. Zahara was recently trending on social media for rumors that she is expecting a baby.

However, she later slammed those rumors saying that if she was pregnant then everyone would know as the stomach would be growing. She again made it to the trends this time with a video of her singing while drunk with other people on the video who seems like friends.

The video posted by @louisvuyyiton which is now deleted on his or her account but still trending shows Bulelwa Mtukukana drunk singing one of her songs with other people backing her up. In addition to that, alcohol is also appearing in the video whereby one is drinking. The video has turned Mzansi upside down on Twitter with a lot being said by tweeps.

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Many commented and said that Zahara needs to surround herself with new friends while some saw nothing wrong with the video. Others made fun of Zahara for appearing as a drunk person.

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@RealEvidence said “Again people trying to sabotage Zahara’s career. I hope about the new law about posting people without consent, the people who shared this video will be dealt with legally. That video is so wrong, Zahara needs new friends.

@Senamile.N.Mhlongo said “Zahara is always surrounded by wrong friends. Ain’t any way people who love seeing you win would post this. they’re sabotaging her upcoming album.

@TumiMaruping said, “people do funny stuff when they are drinking, especially thinking they are safe with friends @Zahara is no different, the only takeaway from this is that Zahara needs new friends”.

Singer of Loliwe,Mgodi, and other songs being Zahara is currently said to be in a relationship with DR Mnyamezeli Japhta and engaged to be married. Musician, Zahara this year was in trouble with the law in relation to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) tax issues and will release her delayed album soon.

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