Zodwa Wabantu: When I see Dj struggles to play I must show him heaven.

Zodwa Wabantu: When I see Dj struggles to play I must show him heaven.

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Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. She came into the entertainment industry back in 2015 and as we can all see she is still going at it, as she managed to stay relevant on social media and television. Zodwa Wabantu has made a reputation for herself, and that reputation is one of dressing up in provocative clothing and she’s done this throughout her tv career that people have come to associate with her personality.

Zodwa Wabantu recently posted a video on her Instagram, and in the video, she was performing and as the video goes on she sat on top of the decks where the DJ does what he does and did what she calls “show him heaven”.

Well, the DJ politely, turned her down by trying to move her away from the decks, and so she did move, she went back to the fans and the show continued.


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She left the fans that were there in shock and surprise, as most of them were screaming to show that they were enjoying the show that she put on. Zodwa has always been known to do these kinds of things to please the fans, and she always succeeds in doing that.

Zodwa Wabantu is one of the most interesting people in South Africa, and this has allowed her to get a lot of performing gigs, and this is because she knows how to entertain fans, she makes sure that she goes all out with her performances and this has allowed her to stay relevant all this time.

Zodwa even mentioned, when she was on Lasizwe’s youtube show that she isn’t shy and ashamed of what she does as she went through her life story. We can all agree that Zodwa is a great entertainer and it will probably remain like that for a long time as the fans seem to like her a lot.