‘When it rains it pours’: Shebeshxt’ sets to appear in court in July.


‘When it rains it pours’: Shebeshxt’ sets to appear in court in July.

In the wake of the tragic loss of his daughter, musician Lehlogonolo “Shebeshxt” Chauke’s personal turmoil has intensified as he now faces the resurgence of past demons. As he lays his child to rest in Lebowakgomo, the singer’s mourning period is further compounded by the impending court appearance scheduled for next month, accordind to Sunday World.

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Chauke, the acclaimed Monateng hitmaker, is set to appear at the Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s Court on July 12th, 2023, for a case that was initiated against him the previous year. According to the Limpopo National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, the artist is currently out on bail and the matter has been set for plea and trial on July 11th, 2024, at the Lebowakgomo Regional Court.

Amidst the overwhelming grief and the looming legal proceedings, Chauke must now navigate the complex intersection of personal tragedy and professional obligations, as he confronts the weight of his past while attempting to find solace in the present.


“The matter is set down for plea and trial for 11 July 2024 at the Lebowakgomo regional court D,” Malabi-Dzhangi said.

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The recent events surrounding Chauke’s personal life have garnered significant attention within the public sphere. According to Malabi-Dzhangi’s previous statements to the Sunday World, a case was opened against Chauke following an alleged stabbing incident in Lebowakgomo. While the details of this altercation remain unclear, it is reported that the star was subsequently released on bail.

The funeral proceedings for the controversial Limpopo-based rapper, Shebeshxt, took place on Saturday, June 22nd, amidst a somber atmosphere. The artist, who has been recovering from an undisclosed medical condition, was wheeled into the venue at Lebowakgomo Zone A, surrounded by security personnel, health workers, and his family members.

Despite the heavy security presence, the occasion was marked by a palpable air of grief, as the visibly distraught rapper, seated in his wheelchair, shed tears while his oxygen tank and intravenous drip were prominently displayed, underscoring the delicate state of his health. The tragic loss of Shebeshxt’s daughter has undoubtedly cast a profound shadow over the life of the renowned musician, as he grapples with both personal and professional challenges in the public eye, according to Daily Sun

Shebeshxt survived a severe car crash in Limpopo two weeks ago, where his daughter tragically lost her life. Ramusi confirmed the artist is now stable and has been transferred from the hospital’s ICU. He said: “He is out of the ICU, he has a moonboot on his leg. [Chauke] is recovering quite well. He can talk and he can actually even stand up. For now he is just focused on his recovery.”


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