Who has the most beautiful leg, Somizi or Mohale?


Who has the foremost beautiful leg, Somizi or Mohale?

Who has the most beautiful leg
Media personality Somizi Mhlongo Motaung and hubby Mohale Motaung are probably South Africa’s most favourite gay couple.

Both Somizi and Mohale are both very fashionable, it doesn’t matter what they wear, they always look good. When it involves fashion you’ll definately calculate Mohale and Som Som to bring the warmth.

Their extravagant wedding was just an example for his or her fabulous taste is fashion, every outfit change came out looking better than the last one, honestly, they where all fabulous.

Their marriage may be a beautiful one and therefore the public just loves them together, things are hard on Mohale within the past when it came to his relationship together with his husband.

At the start of their relationship, Mohale was attacked such a lot by the general public, they where very crude. They called him all kinds of names and that they insult his way all the time.

Who has the most beautiful leg

If it wasn’t the age difference between them, it had been the difficulty that he was using Somizi for his money. Despite all the naysayers, they made it.

They have both come an extended way since then, they got married and they are happy, they need to be started a non profit foundation. Mohale is doing his thing in his acting and modelling career.

Somizi is additionally on top of his game with the new cooking show and a replacement cook book on the way on top of presenting a show on Metro FM and being a judge on Idols SA.

Just recently the couple said that they’re now thinking of starting a family of their with their own biological child.

Who has the most beautiful leg

Even though being a parent is going to be a primary time experience for Mohale, Somizi already features a daughter with another media personality Palesa Madisekwane.

The pair have made an incredible job at raising their daughter Bahumi who considerably seems like he’s mother’s twin. The resemblance is cunning.

Well Mohale Motaung is sharing tons of his pics together with his husband lately and therefore the public just loves them.

It’s spring season and therefore the weather is good and warm, not only that it is time for people to point out off their summer bodies.


Somizi Mhlongo Motaung and hubby also are taking advantage of the nice and cozy weather, the couple is wearing their short shorts which are showing some leg game.

Their fans just love them. When Mohale posted this pictures oh his Facebook, fans loved them.

No doubt that they both have beautiful legs and with legs like that, anyone would want to flaunt them for the planet to ascertain.

Here’s what their fans had to mention.