WHO has warned COVID-19 could kill 190K Africans in few weeks 


WHO has warned COVID-19 could kill 190K Africans in few weeks

WHO: COVID-19 could kill 190K Africans in the coming weeks. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the novel coronavirus could kill approximately 190 000 people in Africa in a new infections blitz.

This comes when 4 033 286 coronavirus cases including 276 682 deaths and 1 399 898 recoveries have been confirmed globally as of May 09, 2020, 11:22 GMT.

Africa is currently the least affected continent since the emergence of the virus in China in December last year with some attributing the trend to warm weather on the continent.

The virus is however rapidly spreading across the continent and fears abound as Winter is fast approaching. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo told the Daily News that the country was on high alert. He said:

We are on guard, and we are wary of the second phase of Covid-19. There is a high possibility of a second phase called a recurrence. Should people relax, we could have a second phase of the disease and we should thus continue to be on our guard because there are people who are infected who haven’t recovered yet.

He urged the citizenry to continue wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and high hygiene levels adding that the country cannot afford to relax the current measures now.
Zimbabwe has 35 cases including 4 deaths.

Source – Pindula News