Why Bathu founder Theo Baloyi gave Somizi R1 million

Why Bathu founder Theo Baloyi gave Somizi R1 million

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Imagine a friend gifting you with R1 million because you did him a solid. In this economy, many would jump at the opportunity and take that money. But Somizi Mhlongo declined the million, leaving the viewers shocked.

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In the latest episode of Living The Dream with Somizi, the media personality revealed that a friend offered him R1 million but he had to turn it down because ‘it did not feel right.’

Founder of Bathu sneakers, Theo Baloyi received some major help from Somizi Mhlongo after he posted his sneakers on Instagram. Theo asked Somizi to ‘promote’ Bathu to his audience by posting the shoes. But Somizi said he would not do that because he simply does not want to.

“He gave me a pair of shoes and wanted me to wear them and post them. I said ‘no I’m not going to post them’. I hate when people tell me to post,” said Somizi.

He said after receiving the pair of shoes he did not wear them for like 3 months but when he did, he posted a picture of himself wearing the shoes on Instagram.

When he did, Bathu sales skyrocketed and it was all thanks to the Idols SA judge, “So I took the pair of shoes didn’t wear it for like three months. Then wore it, Theo used to probably like sell 1000 sneakers or 500 sneakers per month, if that. Since then… sales.”

Theo then asked Somizi to come to his office so he could be thanked in person. He apparently offered Somizi R1 million which he turned down.

“I go to Theo’s office, Theo says ‘I want to thank you, you’ve made my brand big’ …Theo gives me R1 million cash. I say to Theo, no it doesn’t feel right, I reject… I haven’t worked for this money it’s yours,” shared Somizi.

You would think because of his financial woes, Somizi would jump at the opportunity to receive a free million. He revealed that SARS is after him and he needs the best lawyers money can buy.

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He turned to Shauwn Mkhize for help and even asked Andile Mpisane to loan him R5 million because Shauwn’s lawyers are expensive.

“If Andile could ask you for R5 million, then tell him to give me some because your people are expensive,” said Somizi.

Shauwn is helping Somizi by diverting him to the best lawyers. “We were discussing how we need to fix my issue with the lawyers and SARS and stuff. She’s really helping me a lot in terms of my divorce settlement… or unsettlement rather,” he said.

After the episode aired, Sunday World revealed that Somizi owes R3.5 million in taxes which date from 2014.

To help pay for this debt, a few of his luxury items were auctioned. These are: “A Samsung washing machine, a white sculpture (Guman Head), Le Creuset bowl, three plastic bar chairs, two red human statues, a Hisense television set with a remote, a smeg dishwasher, two brass painted coffee tables, one Carrol
Boyes knife set with stand, a Carrol Boyes bowl, five various Le Creuset pots, a Gold Air gas heater, a DeLonghi oil heater, a Samsung fridge, a silver kitchen bowl, three glass vases, eight cushions, a sleeper couch, a wooden TV stand with drawers, dining chairs and a table and knife set with stand.”

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