Why DJ Shimza employs foreigners in his truck company

Why DJ Shimza employs foreigners in his truck company

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Shimza has been trending on social media for the past few days. This was after he was accused of having gotten his wealth from his girlfriend, who had awarded him tenders illegally. This accusation caused a stir among tweeters a few days ago when Mmusi Maimane threw some heat on Shimza. Another bad scandal in Shimza has sparked a huge debate on social media. Read more.

For the past few days, DJ Shimza has been criticized and called names for allegedly hiring only foreigners for his truck company. Shimza started a trucking company earlier this year. According to social media, all the drivers in his company are foreigners, but when he was asked, he turned down those allegations.

After these allegations were shared on social media, many people were fuming and criticized him, calling him all sorts of names. Yesterday, a well-known news source, Mzanzi Times, shared the allegations on Facebook and also on Twitter. As we all know, Shimza doesn’t say nonsense. Out of anger, he made a damming comment. “Le rata go bolela masepa fela. You guys are trying too hard now. “Good luck, “he replied.

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No one is forced to support Shimza. It is his business. He has the right to hire whom he wants to hire. Just like when households hire Zimbabweans to do laundry and clean their yards. People who post about you on social media complain about that. Foreigners are hard workers and they don’t have many demands like local citizens. That is why even if you hire a South African to come and build a house for you, he will come with Zimbabweans, but you don’t hire them. Is his money? The solution is to do what is best for you.

Shimza, my brother, this is how they create enemies for you. Please upgrade your insurance and security for your trucks and other properties.


It’s his company, he can do whatever he wants. Business is business, and foreign drivers are very good compared to Mzansi people. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is wrong for him to employ foreigners?