Skeem Saam Fans Noticed: Why is lehasa’s uncle shopping at boxer?

Skeem Saam Fans Noticed: Why is Lhasa’s uncle shopping at Boxer?

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Skeem Saam is South African television soap opera aired on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 18h30. The telenovela is one of the top-viewed soap operas in South Africa. It has managed to keep the hearts of many fans closer because of the content that they create. It has millions of viewers countrywide. Its ability to create irresistible content has managed to keep its audiences closer.

Skeem Saam is known for blowing the minds of its fans away with the content they create. Every day it gets to make it to Twitter trends after airing an epic episode. Thousands have revealed on Twitter how they love to watch Skeem Saam. Many even avoid attending to their house chores so that they can watch Skeem Saam in peace.

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This week it has been making it to Twitter trends so much. Almost every day after the episode fans take it to Twitter to discuss how the episode was. This week it was trending since on Monday following the shooting that happened at Cafe Tovuwa. This is where Fani and Chef Kgisi got shot. Unfortunately, Fanie was confirmed dead at the hospital. Fans love to see Lehasa and Fanie fighting. The shooting made fans to be sad after the death of Fani. Many are still in disbelief and they are hoping that the cast will say he is still alive in the cast.

Fans took it to Twitter on Monday to show how to hurt they are if indeed the cast killed the character of Fanie. Fans were still looking forward to seeing more fights between Fani and Lehasa because Fanie is one of the few people who has shown Lehasa that he is not scared of him compared to others including Sonti Magogwa, Nompumelelo, and his Cafe Rofuwa workers. Watching him being intimidated by Fani is what made fans continue to love the cast.

Everyday story writer of Skeem Saam gets to be praised after blowing the minds of Fans away but yesterday fans were left confused after the episode. This was after they noticed something at Lehasa’s house. Fans know Lehasa as a rich man who stays in Suburbs. Fans were left asking questions after seeing his uncle Phomolo coming from the “Boxer” store.
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Fans know that Lehasa stays at Sandton as he is one of the richest businessman. He portrays the character of a wealthy man. ” There is a Boxer Supermarket at Sandton”?, this was a tweet made by one of the fans yesterday after seeing the plastic bag filled with items bought by Phomolo. What do you think about this?

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