Will Slik Talk be in Cassper’s new album?

Will Slik Talk be in Cassper’s new album?

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There is no denying that Cassper has started this year with a bang and is already topping trends like no one’s business. Many are looking forward to what he has planned for his fans and listeners and we already know that he will not disappoint.

Taking to his Twitter, Cassper just recently made an announcement that had tongues wagging and hopes up as he revealed that he will be making a hip hop album this year.

Taking to the comment section, you can already imagine how well this news has been received by his fans. And while it is not something that they had expected, it seems that fans have pledged to listen to his music whether it is Amapiano or not.

For others however, it seems that they are hoping that this new album will perform better than the previous AMN album, saying that he should take his time and not rush it so that all the songs in the album stay ageless and remain relevant in the years to come.

Tweeps are still also confused at why Cassper needs to release a new album when we still do not have visuals for the AMN album. Could that be the reason it did not do so well?

Well, his fans have shown up for him to say that the only reason his previous album did not slap as many might have wanted it to is because Cassper did not push it that much.

Other hilarious reactions to this announcement is tweeps saying that they are sure Cassper will mention something about Slik Talk in his new album, especially now that he literally tore him apart in the ring. There is no denying that that match was an experience that will remain in Mzansi’s minds for ages and ages to come.

From the look of things, there is no denying that Cassper has set his mind on having one momentous year. We are still not sure why he has decided on a hip hop album as his next project but it is good to see that he still has his fans rallying behind him either way.

It was not that long ago when Cassper took to his social media to finally give his fans a sneak peak of his new Family Tree Home Studio that had many if not all in absolute awe.

The Siyathandana hitmaker had always had the dream of having his own home studio and to see it come to reality was a big inspiration to Mzansi.

And with this new upcoming album, we can already see how he will be pulling all the stops to ensure that it is one heck of a banger.

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