Scandal: Could Winnie be falling in love with Mbali’s baby


Scandal: Could Winnie be falling in love with Mbali’s baby

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In the eTV soapie Scandal, Mbali uses her money and her sister’s poverty to force her sister to be her surrogate. How? She drugged her husband and got her sister to sleep with him while he was unconscious. As fictional stories go, she fell pregnant right there and is now her sister’s incubator.

But let’s be honest, in what world (unless if you’re a professional surrogate) would you carry a baby, bond with it and hand it to your sister because she coerced you into getting pregnant so she can send you to school?

Mbali played on her sister’s desperation to make something of herself, so I honestly wouldn’t blame Winnie for turning the game around and refusing to hand the baby over.

As it stands now, Winnie is getting attached to the baby and it’s justified. In her mother’s eyes, she is a burden who doesn’t want to get her ex-boyfriend to account for his baby, while to her sister she’s a ticket to a happy marriage. The baby is her only safe space. Growing the foetus into a full human might change her life perspective altogether, and make her turn against her sister.

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I hate the storyline for making as if women with fertility issues will do anything to have children, even if it means growing horns and becoming devils. Mbali was supposed to serve as an example that not having a baby doesn’t lessen your womanhood, instead the storyline turned her into something unrecognisable.

Thoughts? Would you give away your baby if someone paid you for it? Do you think it’s wrong for Winnie to feel attached to the baby knowing the arrangement between her and Mbali?

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Source: Scandal on DStv channel 194

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