Winnie Mashaba dances for the joy of her pregnancy

Winnie Mashaba dances for the joy of her pregnancy

Dr. Winnie Mashaba recently shocked the country when she shared pictures of herself pregnant. The announcement came as a surprise to everyone for multiple reasons. First, she is recently divorced; second, there is no indication as to who the baby daddy could be, as the singer has not shared any news of a new relationship.


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But perhaps the most shocking reason was that the singer was rumored to have been accused of being barren by her ex-husband. And now that it seems clear she is not barren, tweeps are scrambling to find an explanation, with many pointing fingers at her ex-husband.

Fans are crying foul at the fact that he was ready to blame her for their inability to conceive. They were together for 16 years, so the fact that she got pregnant so soon after their divorce must mean he had been “shooting blanks” the whole time, tweeps opined.

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But some have taken the news with a bit more sensitivity. They think it is not fair to point the blame at him so quickly without further details. They would rather err on the side of caution, suggesting that sometimes it is a compatibility problem, while sometimes it is a timing issue, that makes a couple unable to conceive for that long, then conceive as soon as they are with other partners.

The gospel singer has had a great season of consecutive wins, and we love to see it. She recently launched her insurance company, and in just a short time, there were multiple testimonies from people who had been helped to stay afloat during the pandemic by the company.

She also recently announced that she would soon launch a non profit organisation in Limpopo, whose main aim will be to empower the youth and to groom them so their dreams come to fruition. The organization will offer a wide range of activities, including dance, music and drama classes, to equip the youth of Limpopo with the skills to make an impact in their personal lives and the country at large.
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The singer is also still enjoying the new title of Doctor, after she was awarded a PhD in Sacred Music by Trinity international Bible University. Although she has had the title for a little over two years now, it still surprises many people in Mzansi every time they see it attached to her name. But it was a major achievement, and her fans were all happy for her.

For now, tweeps will be waiting for Dr Winnie to reveal who her baby daddy is. Many have already spelled doom for her ex husband, saying he will never know happiness, which is probably a prediction of how much trolling will be thrown his way when she makes the big reveal