Xolile Revealed the big Secret In #Scandal, and Boniswa is in trouble.

Xolile Revealed the big Secret In #Scandal and Boniswa is in trouble.

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When you start realizing that your mother might be behind all the recent deaths. Xolile was just disgusted by her Mom. Boniswa is good at lying, manipulation and getting away with everything. but now her storyline has gone to far. The produces must cut, cut,cut before they lose viewer’s attention. Xolie’s look when she was adding up everything. Its unfortunate their mother is a witch but both her and Chumani happens to be good kids. Chumani is forgetting that she drugged him. Xolile is suspicious but doesn’t have enough to burn the witch at the stake.
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Since I watch scandal i never see xolile do bad thing…i love her so much, m sorry for wat ur mom do to u…u were so speechless yesterday, but I like the way poloko confront Boniswa.

She’s a good actress she rock that script. I love the way how xolile see things she now know that her mum is something else. I blame xolile for tht. She shouldve left her to die in that warehouse during that explotion Romeo arranged.

Aya’s letter B sign language at the end of the video was classic… and good thing is Thando saw the video…let’s hope the police will take it from there. And boniswa might say the letter B is for Boniswa beware my siblings…