XRepo: Zoleka exposed her boyfriend for these reasons

XRepo: Zoleka exposed her boyfriend for these reasons

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Nothing will beat the episode of the lady who wanted to repossess her ex-boyfriend. #Xrepo is one of the best reality shows in MojaLoveTv love which helps people to get their things back.

Tonight on #XRepo we meet a lady who want he ex-boyfriend to pay back her money and the clothes he bought using her credit cards. A Lady names Zoleka left #XRepo after she wrote to #XRepo demanding all the things that her ex-boyfriend bought with her money.

The couple are separated and the guy is refusing to pay for the clothes as he agreed in court and in police station. On today’s episode it was a waste of resources, #Xrepo went to collect a 10 items of clothes that the guy wear for over a year. Apparently Mr X help anyone who is in need of his help. As long as you all the slips and proof of payment, he will come to assist.

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Viewers think that the show could have been scripted judging by the content. Today’s episode was on another level. Mr X was enjoying listening to the guy who claim that they were in love and the lady bought him clothes out of love. The lady has embarrassed herself as she is older than the man. Their relationship was meant to fail from the start as the man was not working. The mistake that the lady made is to give him money.

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Today’s episode gave me uyajola 9/9 vibes when those ladies were fighting. Both couple are foreigners and they are fighting on national television. Followers are convinced that these people could be in the country undocumented. Fans has blamed the police for not arresting them.

The lady did say that the man said if shw call a TV show on him he’s gonna be famous. He could have used this opportunity to brand himself. After this episode the guy is going to grow his clientele.

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