Ya’ll didn’t know Lynn and Uncle Tony are divorced

Ya’ll didn’t know Lynn and Uncle Tony are divorced

South Africans have dug deeper into the lives of Lynn and Uncle Tony, who are the parents of AKA, and have found that these two are allegedly divorced.

This is something that the people of South Africa never expected from the two parents of the well-known late rapper because they thought that maybe they are still together and loving one another.

Life is unpredictable sometimes and as such people should never have high expectations towards others but should rather focus on their own lives.

These two parents have been together for the whole time, and the fact that they broke up didn’t mean anything to them, because they were still able to reunite and be able to bury their son in peace and show love to the world.

This is the kind of love that South African parents show to their kids, especially when they’ve broken up because life should not mean that after a break up they should fight.

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