Robert Marawa : You can’t keep the good man down.

Robert Marawa: You can’t keep the good man down.

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Robert Marawa, an award-winning sportscaster, has been presenting his show #MSW as if his life depended on it for the past three months, but he knew his days at the SABC were limited when his contract expired at the end of last month.

Marawa won Best Sports Show of the Year at the SA Radio Awards just hours after the SABC announced his resignation in a statement. According to City Press, Marawa could be replaced on Radio 2000 by Udo Carelse, while Metro FM is still looking for a replacement.

The original idea, according to a top executive at the SABC, was to shift Thabiso Mosia from SAFM to Radio 2000, but the acting station manager prevented the move, claiming that they couldn’t afford to lose Mosia, especially after talk show presenter Phemelo Motene quit.

According to the source, “Owen Hannie [a sports presenter on Metro FM] has emerged as a serious contender to anchor the show on Metro FM.” According to the insider, Marawa was once again the victim of political meddling and a power struggle within the state broadcaster. According to another source, one of the reasons the SABC did not renew Marawa’s contract was due to the company’s financial difficulties.

“They brought up the Section 189 issue, which resulted in numerous staff being laid off,” the person stated. According to the source, the management team, which included the head of radio, the acting station manager, and their program managers, convened to discuss Marawa’s show before making a decision. According to an insider, paying Marawa, a content producer, two technical producers, and a person who performs promos costs the SABC R22 000 per day and more than R5 million per year. “All costs are placed on Robert’s shoulders. The show has never broken even, according to the source, because it barely pulls in slightly over R2 million.

Marawa, on the other hand, disputed these assertions, claiming that he only had three team members. “I’ve never had anything communicated to me about anything. We were a small team of three people, but #MSW [Marawa Sports Worldwide] offered them an audience and cash… So they shouldn’t say we’re costing them a lot of money… they have a sales department for that,” Marawa remarked.

He told City Press that he was notified his contract would not be renewed three months ago. “However, I kept doing a professional job till the very end!” They decided to issue a one-sided press release [about my departure]. Then, after seeing the [public] backlash, they canceled my last show three hours before it was scheduled to run! “What were they terrified of?” I wondered.

A third source, who said he sought to defend Marawa’s show during the tense meeting when all the shows were being assessed early this year, said the decision was based on “a personal vengeance from politicians and certain high executives at the SABC,” rather than financial issues.

The SABC issued a statement confirming the departure of Marawa and Morning Live sports broadcaster Vaylen Kirtley before the dramatic finish of the day on Friday. Marawa resorted to social media to share an SMS telling him not to report for duty for his final show on Friday night.

Marawa himself shocked the country when he bought a brand new car for himself; few days after being fired. He is jobless at the moment and it seems that he wants to spoil himself as he distress.

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