Youtuber Lasizwe Dambuza suffers because of fake friends


Youtuber Lasizwe Dambuza suffers because of fake friends

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Lasizwe Dambuza is tired of fake love from the industry and has expressed that he wants genuine love from people. It is sometimes to surround yourself with genuine people especially if people still live with the notion of ‘fake it till you make it.’

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Lasizwe has never been one to shy away from expressing himself. Thick skin is what a person needs to survive the industry and it is evident that he is working hard to master it.

One thing he pointed out though was the fakeness of people in the industry and how he wishes people could stop pretending for each other. He pointed out how people who do give off kindness are often said to be fake.


“In the entertainment industry… many interpret kindness as being fake. I get it though cause a lot of people be fake and smile just to get something from us. I’ve experienced it and its actually sad! I just wish we could be genuine to one another especially cause we in one industry.”

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