Zahara has got back her home in Johannesburg with the help of one of her fans

Zahara has got back her home in Johannesburg with the help of one of her fans

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In May, Bulelwa Mkutukana, better known by her stage name Zahara, had a social media meltdown in which she revealed her financial troubles to the globe. After Netbank auctioned off her townhouse, she was featured in the news. This was owing to the musician’s inability to repay her bank debt. Today, country music fans awoke to the wonderful news that their collective efforts have paid off.

After realizing that the life for which she had labored so hard was falling apart, Zahara continued to live where she had broken down. The performer told her audience how DJ Sbu scammed her of her hard-earned money. Zahara is one of the many musicians who have exposed their management and recording labels to theft. The artist had produced some of the most popular songs in the South African music business but had nothing to show for it.

Zahara performingZahara performing-Image Source(Instagram/Zahara)

Zahara blamed DJ Sbu for not paying royalties
Zahara attributed her financial problems to DJ Sbu’s record label. This occurred after Barry Roux tweeted that Zahara should re-record her Loliwe album for profit. Even though DJ Sbu dismissed the rumors and stated that Zahara had been compensated, she exposed them for posting the song to streaming services without paying her royalties after she left his label. In response to this news, the performer requested donations from her audience, indicating she was destitute.

Zahara gets her house back after public donations.
As the artist is widely known to be a heavy drinker, many individuals blamed drugs and alcohol. After failing to repay her mortgage loan, the bank repossessed her home, revealing that she had suffered. The residence is located in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg. Nonetheless, the public donated to the artist with the assistance of Radio 2000. The auction has been canceled, Zahara is now the owner of the property, and her loan has been repaid.

Zahara’s house in JohannesburgZahara’s house in Johannesburg-Image Source(Facebook)

Zahara is currently attempting to revitalize her career and has displayed her effort across the nation. She has been given a second chance to begin afresh, and things are beginning to look better for her. Many of her supporters are willing to help her restore her former prominence. When some careers die, they stay dead, but it takes exceptional talent to convince followers to help resuscitate her career. Celebrities have backed her as she redefines herself through her shows. The frequent drunken bouts of Zahara appear to be a thing of the past.

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