Zahara makes fans confused with this weird video

Zahara makes fans confused with this weird video

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Zahara is one of South Africa’s most well-known performers, and she has released some excellent music throughout the years that many people still appreciate. Zahara has built a reputation for herself in the entertainment business, and she is known for creating music in her native tongue that is accessible to all.

Zahara, like every other celebrity in the entertainment world, has had her share of drama, and some of it may still be haunting her. Many people believe Zahara has been having financial difficulties, which may have led to her consuming alcohol as a result of the stress she has been experiencing at work, but these reports may not be true.

However, Zahara has been behaving strangely since then, prompting many to question her sanity, while others claim she requires assistance. She’s joined Tiki Tok, a social networking platform where users submit videos of themselves having fun and being goofy. Zahara occasionally appears in these recordings, and everyone assumes she’s inebriated or otherwise not in the correct frame of mind.

A video was uploaded on social media with the message “when you have time, leave booze alone,” making it appear as though Zahara was inebriated when she filmed the video of herself not wearing full make-up and wearing clothes that any normal person would wear. Zahara is seen dancing around and eating ice cream in the hood in the video.

People on social media watched the footage after the lady claimed Zahara was inebriated. They lambasted the lady, telling her that Zahara was just producing entertaining videos and having fun on TikTok like everyone else, and that she was incorrect to presume she was intoxicated just by looking at her.

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